Moeraki Boulders

Went to Dunedin the other day for a quick visit and along the way back stopped by Moeraki Boulders to take a couple of shots. My first time here, and my timing was far from perfect, it was afternoon, the weather was a bit cloudy with high clouds which made the lighting too flat and grey…. and the tide was coming in fast.

I was tired from the non-stop driving, and was too lazy to bring along the tripod that I packed. Even though I brought along my primary photo gears along, but throughout the trip I was using the Sony Nex 5n for convenient sake.

So, I was trying a couple of shots and trying to make the best of things. I tried several shots, but I keep coming back with slowing down the shutter to make full use of the waves. The wave were coming fast and hard.  The only way to make an interesting shot was to actually wade into the sea, and shoot just a couple feet from one of the round boulders.

The timing have to be perfect, the waves must not be too high, or too hard against the boulder, and it should swirls around the main boulder. I have to slow down the waves, and tried a couple of speed, but the best at that time seems to be 1/10. ISO100 and the aperture is at f/22. Due to the aperture, all the stains on the glass were captured but it was not so obvious then, but after doing a bit of post-processing especially after increasing the contrast the dusts became a bit more clear.

Post processing wise, I was playing around with Nik Colour Efex Pro 4 and also Nik Silver  Efex Pro 2. I like the bluish tint of the monochrome since that was what I was feeling then. Wet and cold in the water. What about the dust spots? I just ignore it. (I uploaded a new one where I clean the most irritating ones)..hahaha…

Moeraki Boulders; Sony Nex 5n, 18-55mm: 1/10, f/22, ISO100

Moeraki Boulders; Sony Nex 5n, 18-55mm: 1/10, f/22, ISO100


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