GIF : An alternative to short video

Nowadays every camera have a basic video function. From DSLR all the way to smartphones, all have a function to record video. Unfortunately, my main camera is a Nikon D700 introduced in 2008, video function was not incorporated into this particular camera. Which is a wonder actually, because Nikon D90, introduced at that same year have a basic video function (a first for DSLR). Maybe the idea at that time was still photographers were not interested in videography.

Video in DSLR is definitely useful when you want to capture short video footages and you have no dedicated video camera with you. For longer and more serious videography, a DSLR would require a lot more peripherals hardware to make it into a viable video capturing device.

But what do you do if you want to video a moment and do not have any video capturing device? My solution is to capture a series of shots (frames) and make them into an animated GIF file.

GIF file used to be popular during the early days of the internet. It’s the only method to create animated file that’s easy to uploaded into the net and not put a burden on bandwidth. But after awhile, when bandwidth became wider and data can be stream much faster, video became more and more accessible, making GIF file as something in the history book. Or at least used by a very niche group of people.

But recently there’s a resurgent in GIF popularity with the internet crowds. Maybe due to it’s simplicity or maybe because technology like fashion is cyclical in nature. But whatever it is GIF format is quite useful when you only have an old DSLR that can shoot stills.

In my case, I wanted to capture the moment of my wife and son sliding down the snow and decided to capture a series of photo to create the GIF file. I used Continuous High (CH) mode in the D700 and later selected the frames and created the GIF file using the simple software GIF Animator. This is the same method that I used to create the GIF file for the imploded building here.

Here are the result (You have to click on the photos to watch the animation)

ImanGIFAnd my wife turn to slide down.




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