Cinematic : Father and Son

A whimsical self portrait

A whimsical self portrait

Different aspect ratio will give a different feel to an image. 16×9, is a fairly new aspect ratio, but it is the aspect ratio that we are used to in HD cinema. So, that is why this aspect ratio is known as cinematic, nowadays that is. It used to be cinema had different aspect ratio, but that’s another longer explanation.

At the same time, monochrome photos, especially of people seems to give more drama than colour photos. Even though it is not necessarily better than colour photos, but it might be that we’re so used to the idea that monochromatic photo is more”classic” or more “vintage” and more “nostalgic”.

But to the more important component of a cinematic photo are the story telling and the composition component of the subject matter. The above photo works very well cinematically because there is a story to tell, at least to me.

What story can you see in this photo? Please feel free to drop a comment and your POV. Thanks.


About Amryl Malek

A photographer on a journey to find his vision
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