Aurora Australis

The Edge of Aurora Australis

The Edge of Aurora Australis

Been wanting to catch an aurora ever since I’ve arrived here in Christchurch. Even though, the aurora here is not as spectacular as further south, nevertheless for a person that have not seen one in real life, anything is better then nothing.

There was a M1.5 flare from the sun on Thursday, I presumed that since it’s a “minor” flare, the CME would not be great and it would not have that much an effect when hitting earth magnetic sphere.

But tonight I was quite surprise while monitoring POES Auroral Activities (click here for NOAA POES website), the level of activities were literally at maximum of 10!!

POESFrom the reading, I’m assuming that we can see some aurora tonight. So, I decided to pack up my camera gear and go up Port Hills to have a better vantage point to see the aurora.

My assumption was correct, but unfortunately near the horizon was a bank of clouds, which covered some of the auroral effect. The aurora were just at the horizon, and I’m guessing the view would be particularly stunning at Lake Tekapo or somewhere around that area.

So, here’s the aurora australis, or at least the edge of it.




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