My Dream All Weather Camera

I like my DSLR. I like to bring it for photo outings, especially when going for short hiking or day tramping. Normally I’ll take my D700, AF-G 24-85mm, 50mm f1.8, tripod and a couple of batteries plus a shutter release. Along with that, I’ll also have a spare clothing, 3 litres of fluid and snacks. But after several hours of walking, the weight of all the equipments and items starts to weigh heavily on the shoulder. 

I chose those lenses because those two have gaskets around the lens mount and claimed by Nikon to be weather sealed.

But there would be times when I just want to enjoy my hikes without having to think about all those gears while at the same time not missing any photo opportunities. I’m sure there a lot of us like that.  And here would be where the all weather camera comes in.

I have been waiting for a good all weather camera, but unfortunately as of now, there’s nothing in the market that look tempting. Sure, there are the Olympus TG series, Canon D series, Nikon AW series, Pentax WG series, and also from Panasonic. But those, while undeniably good and usable all weather camera, but the IQ that comes from those cameras are to be found wanting.

My dream camera would be an all weather RX100. Is that so difficult to build?


About Amryl Malek

A photographer on a journey to find his vision
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