A summer trip to Kaikoura, Day

Went for a quick getaway of a night in coastal town of Kaikoura, north of Christchurch. Since the weather was nice and warm, we decided to go for camping. We started a bit late and the traveling took us more than 2 hours.

Once we reached Kaikoura, we setup a tent at one of the camping ground there. They have some nice facilities to support your camping need. I would recommend this place to any who would like to do camping.

Photo by MimiSony Nex 5n, 18-55mm

Photo by Mimi
Sony Nex 5n, 18-55mm

Setting up camp took us around an hour and from there we went straight to Ohau Waterfalls expecting to find young seals (pup), but unknown to us, they only go there in the winter!

Photo by Mimi Sony Nex 5n

Photo by Mimi
Sony Nex 5n, 18-55mm

Not to go empty handed, I took a few photos of the waterfall.

Ohau's waterfallNikon D700, Tokina 17-35mm f/4

Ohau’s waterfall
Nikon D700, Tokina 17-35mm f/4

Going back from the waterfall, we stopped by Nins Bins, arguably the most famous crayfish seller in Kaikoura.

Renowned crayfish sellerPhoto by Mimi
Sony Nex 5n, 18-55mm

Renowned crayfish seller
Photo by Mimi
Sony Nex 5n, 18-55mm

After buying for ourselves a whole crayfish, we went straight back to camp for dinner. After a while it was dark, and I wanted to take photo of the tent at night. I always admire the glowing tent shot against the dark background, so I wanted to try one of my own.

Finally my glowing tent shot.Nikon D700, AFS 24-85mm VR

Finally my glowing tent shot.
Nikon D700, AFS 24-85mm VR

That’s the end of day 1.


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