Sand in the Wind

Yet another photo that I took several months back, this was taken in the afternoon the day before I had a photo outing at New Brighton Pier. I wanted to scout the place first before I went for the outing.

A storm was coming and the front was almost on top of us (my son and I), the wind was blowing very strong and it blew the sands into the wind. Unfortunately I was using the Sony Nex 5N with the 18-55 that was set at jpg. I couldn’t get enough reach and being in jpeg, some details were lost.

But re-examing back the photo, I edited a bit by cropping, adjusting curve and level to increase some contrast and saturate some colours. The contrast will get the blowing sand to be more visible. I burned a bit the sky to get it to be a bit more moody like I remembered it.

Sony Nex 5n, Sony 18-55mm

Sony Nex 5n, Sony 18-55mm


About Amryl Malek

A photographer on a journey to find his vision
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