Shooting Film

Well, I succumbed to the hipster influence of shooting with film. Well, my weapon of choice isn’t exactly that hipsterish, I bought a used Nikon F100 with a Tokina 28-70 ATX (the old one from 1990s). It’s really quite a safe camera to use, because the F100 is one of the best film camera around with one of the most accurate exposure metering around.

For a start, I chose the consumer grade Fuji 400, with 24 exposures for my film. It’s a color negative film, so it’s a much safer bet than using a slide transparencies. I got everything just in time for the Eid – Fitr celebration and used that opportunity to used the camera.

Shot with Nikon F100 & Fuji 400 cn

I can say that using film is absolutely different than a digital camera. I have to slow down, stop and think more about my shots, so as not to waste film exposures. Even after composing a shot, I hesitated before clicking just to make sure that everything I want is inside the frame and everything I don’t want is outside of it. But I did get a lot of duds and missed shots. I only did 3 rolls of shots and I think I got around 30% keepers. Definitely and improvement from my digital shots.

Shot with Nikon F100 & Fuji 400 cn

Another that is absolutely different is the expectation of getting the result of your shots, after all the film have been exposed and processed. I was excited and a little fearful of the results. The lack of instant feedback through chimping is definitely something to get used to. Is that good or bad? Not sure yet, but what I can say is that, it involves more feelings than when I used a digital camera.

Going forward, I got myself and black and white negative BWKodak400cn and also a slide transparancy Fuji Velvia 50 (for landscape).

Shot with Nikon F100 & Fuji 400cn


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2 Responses to Shooting Film

  1. Amryl, be sure to give it sufficient time before you make a decision one way or the other. Your first rolls of film will not begin to compare to your 100th. People will get in your face about the digital vs film argument, but for those of us who took the time to actually compare, and put in the effort to re-learn film-based creation of photographs, film capture definitely suits our needs. Good luck!

    • Amryl Malek says:

      Sir, thank you for the wise words. I started my photographic journey using digital camera in 2008. Photography really opened up my eyes and pushes me to see the world in a different way. There is this yearning to interpret the world in how I see it, sometimes it is too cliche, some times it is an obvious imitation but then there would one or two moments when I got that shot that I wanted. What does this have to do with using film? I believe that it would slow me down, help me to pause, give me some seconds to think , hopefully it could give me the moment to translate what I see into what I capture.

      Again, thank you sir for your wise words and kind wish.

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