McKenzie District, Canterbury

Went up for a weekend getaway with my family and friends up the McKenzie district. McKenzie’s is up against the Southern Alps and most famous for it’s natural beauty and stunning landscapes.

Two of its famous features are the Lake Tekapo and also Mt. Cook.  The area is also famous for its’ clear and crisp air, which are good for astronomy and night photography.

On our first day, we check-ined in our holiday house, Glen Tarvis in Burke’s Pass township.

Glen Tarvis, Burke's Pass

After getting our luggage in and having lunch. We went straight to Lake Tekapo. It’s roughly 22km from Burke’s Pass, the traveling there was cold and windy. At Lake Tekapo township we took the usual photo of the Church of the Good Shepard.

Church of the Good Shepard, Lake Tekapo

After circling the town a couple of times, we went back for dinner. That night the sky was clear and I took a try and night photography. I didn’t went too far, just the lawn in front of Glen Tarvis.

Milky Way over Burke's Pass

The next day, we went again to Lake Tekapo, but this time our objective was to visit Mt John Observatory . Reaching the peak we took some photos of the surrounding vista.

Lake Takepo and the township

After stopping by Mt John, we went to The Hermitage, Mt. Cook. The Hermitage, lies at the head of Lake Pukaki. I wanted to see the famous Mt. Cook where Sir Edmund Hillary trained on and also I wanted to see the Tasman Glacial Lake.

Mt. Cook is somewhere behind those misty clouds.

Even though we didn’t manage to catch the glimpse of Mt Cook, but we, at least I, did manage to go and see the Tasman Glacial Lake.

A glacier in the Middle of the Tasman Lake, it doesn't look much but that glacier is bigger than a house!

Before going back from Mt Cook, we took a detour to Twizel to buy us some salmons. We had baked salmon and rice for dinner.

The next day before packing to go back, I managed to capture the sunrise over Burke’s Pass.

Sunrise over Burke's Pass

It all ended too soon. We wished to stay longer but unfortunately we can’t, though we will try to have another holiday there again. Oh, a special thanks to Abdullah Mohd Nawi of CutiCutiNZ for renting us his car.


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