Flower photography


I’m not sure about other people, but I started my photography by shooting flowers. Most of my first one thousand photos were of flowers. That was back in 2008. Even after 4 years in, I’m still taking photos of flowers. But after some time, you can only take a so much of the same thing before it gets stale and almost like taking photo for catalogues.

The only way to make it interesting is to try to compose your flower shots differently. Firstly what I would do is to find an interesting looking flower. I personally like to  shoot flowers that’s about to bloom. It looks more “dynamic” and seems to tell a story.

After that I would isolate the flower from the background. You can either use a shallow depth of field or like the above photo used a black background (you can use any monotone of color that you like). For metering, normally I would use spot metering and expose it to the brightest area of the flower, so that you won’t get any highlights. But for the flower above, I actually forgot to change the metering from matrix to spot. But since it was a cloudy day, I got a nice soft light to work with and the dynamic range wasn’t that huge.

For post processing (I use Aperture) what I did was, I cropped the photo according to my “taste” (as you can read, this is not the most technical of description). Then I just move the black point of the curve halfway toward the middle so that I purposely clipped it to the left. This ensure I have absolute black for my background and at the same time increasing the contrast. I also pull a bit of the highlight slider to reduce some the brightness of the flower.

And that’s about it.


About Amryl Malek

A photographer on a journey to find his vision
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