The colour of Autumn

This is my first Autumn experience.  I hate the weather, it shines one moment and it rains the next. But the colours! It’s breathtaking! Here is one colour I always associate with Autumn.


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3 Responses to The colour of Autumn

  1. I experienced my first autumns in Boston, MA and Madison, Wisconsin. I agree with you about the weather, but those colors are magical! Of course, Spring in those climates is invigorating. Thanks for posting such a beautiful picture! You captured autumn.

    • Amryl Malek says:

      Thanks for the visit and comment. I think I’m having a love/hate relationship with Autumn, it’s a beautiful season with great colours but unfortunately lousy weather.

  2. Whoaaa… bright! I had my first autumn 6 months ago when I moved to the UK. Growing up in Adelaide, there were sections of the city, like the botanic gardens, where non-native trees would come out in spectacular colour and then lose their leaves, but it wasn’t universal; here, it’s inescapable! Love the vibrance.

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