First photo uploads after the quake.

Ok guys/gals,

This will be my first photo uploads after the quake. Taken with a used D90 and 18-55mm kit lens. The glass is not as fast as my 35mm. But I appreciate the zoom capability. I haven’t used the glass for more than a year now. I forgot how addictive it is to use a mid-zoom. The kit lens will be attached to the camera for awhile, just trying to get re-aquainted with an old “friend”.

Autumn leaf


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4 Responses to First photo uploads after the quake.

  1. Yes, I’ve been shooting with primes since I replaced my stolen gear last year – I got my hands on a 24-105 and there’s a moment of astonishment where it’s like “Hey, I don’t have to step forward or back!”

    Like the contrast between the hard and organic texture here.

  2. Appai says:

    this picture somehow makes me feel sad.. hmm.. maybe its just the pregnancy hormone, not the picture.. hehe

    • Amryl Malek says:

      It IS an autumn leaf, it should represent a changing season. One that is colder, with longer nights, something that we usually associates with moodiness. It is also a single leaf, with a lot of negative space around it, it should evoke a sense of loneliness. The monotone colour just compound those feelings.

      Or maybe it is just your hormones 😉

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