Earthquake in Christchurch 22/02/2011

Latest update @ 11.00pm Chch time:

It’s 12 degree C tonight , the weather is cold, it’s raining outside. I’m putting all my buckets and Imans little pool outside to collect rain water, just in case there’s a water ration. There’s a constant wave of aftershock, I’m tired of being fearful every time there’s an aftershock. It’s slowly getting on my nerves.

It’s late, I’m going to sleep. I’m hoping there would be no big shakes tonight.

Update @ 8.30pm Chch time:

It’s raining, the temperature is 13 degree C. Thank god, we still have power, I pray for those that are in the dark and cold night to be safe.

May Allah protect us all.

It’s 3 hours now past the first big quake at 6.3. There’s a lot of damage all around, thankfully my family is safe and the house still remains intact. We’ve got power but neighbours around us don’t. The water pressure is really low, I think we’re going to have no water by the this evening.

Pray for us.


About Amryl Malek

A photographer on a journey to find his vision
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3 Responses to Earthquake in Christchurch 22/02/2011

  1. Aimi says:

    pray that u guys will be ok!! ^^v

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  3. Laila Zee says:

    Hi amryl. I received a link to your blog from your cousin. So happy to hear you are safe! I am a producer at flyfm and would love to interview you on air if possible. We want to know what the situation is like there from an eyewitness… If you are interested please email me at with your contact details.

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