The Greatest Landscape Photography Spot In The World

I just have to address this topic that was posted in Photofocus by Mr. Bourne. I’ve never been to the American Southwest, but through all the thousands of photos I’ve seen of that area, I’m sure it’s a nice place. Though I don’t think it’s the greatest landscape photo spot on earth. Alaska seems like a nice place, as can be seen by this blog.  Finland seems to be nice too. New Zealand is also not a bad place.

What I’m saying is that, the greatest landscape photography spot in the world is really the one that you can reach it and capture a great moment of it. And I’m sure Mr. Bourne would agree to that statement.


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6 Responses to The Greatest Landscape Photography Spot In The World

  1. sartenada says:


    Thank You remembering me and my country Finland. We are small country and we do not have so much to present to the world. The only thing might be during winter our world’s biggest SnowCastle:

    Have wonderful week-end!

  2. Yeah… to put one place at the top of the list is a bit rich! I’ll give a healthy shout out to Australia, it’s a pretty big and diverse landscape!

  3. mecalvincasey says:

    Alaska truly is an amazing place, unfortunately I am a mediocre photographer… what you see on my blog surely is not that great but I live in a spectacular place and photographers certainly would not get bored with all of the variety of photo opportunities here.

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