Photo Walk 6 Feb 2011, Hagley Park

Yesterday I met up with some friends and shared photography techniques. There’s nothing better in improving your knowledge than by sharing it.

We are always obsessed with gears and equipments that we forget sometimes that, it is the photographer that takes the picture and  not the camera. A camera is just a tool, a simple camera can capture great images if used by a skilled photog. What is more important than gears are the basic skills that are necessary to use it.

So ,yesterday session was about composition and how to arrange some of the elements to create a more interesting photo.  I started by introducing the importance of looking in an abstract manner and being aware and seeing the lines that exist within a photo.


An example of a diagonal lines

An example of a curved line

And example of a horizontal line

An example of vertical lines


We also touched on how to add those lines to produce a nice photo.


Unfortunately, the super model that I book have to cancel, so I got one of my friend to pose.


We also touch on the importance of the rule of third, how normally an off-centered subject matter, especially if it’s position on one of the cross points will look more dynamic than a centered subject. Though I have to stress that there will be a time when the object that you want to shoot will look much better in the centre.

We also shared how to simplify our photos. Most of the great photos that I have come across, have a simple subject matter or a simple concept that shouts to be look at. In relation to that, we also touch on negative space and how negative space define a subject.


A gutter cover

A sign post

All in all, I think we have a good day. Hopefully they enjoyed their time and gain new simple techniques to help them compose their picture better.




About Amryl Malek

A photographer on a journey to find his vision
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2 Responses to Photo Walk 6 Feb 2011, Hagley Park

  1. apai says:

    i like the signpost.. however, if i may, i keep on seeing the cropped ‘playground’ sign.. but thats just me.. i have a very critical eyes from 4 years of art and composition training.. but i like it still.. good job!

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