Mt Vernon, Port Hills, Christchurch Part 2

Yesterday morning, I decided to go back to Mt. Vernon for a second photo outing, to capture the sunrise. To recap, last week photo outing in Mt. Vernon was a near disaster, where I was nearly swept away by a gale force winds.

So yesterday morning I tried again to Mt. Vernon. But alas, it was not wind that foils my attempt but fog!


My car was parked somewhere down there... If you look close enough, you might be able to see it...NOT!!


I can only see up to 10 meters in front of me. And I can’t actually see the peak. I have to climb half way up to be able to see the shape of the peak.


Halfway up, the fog lighten a bit, giving me a glimpse of the peak


As I climb higher, the fog envelope the whole scene in front of me.

I thought that the fog can be thicker, but once I reached the top, it gets thicker!

My only ‘real’ landscape photo is when I was climbing the slope, and there was a small break in the fog, showing me Quail Island.


A break in the fog, gives me a chance to get a shot of Quail Island

Well, not such a bad photo outing. I get to be soaked in the fog, and the feeling of being alone within the fog, compound the feeling of solitude. I love it! Will be back to try again.



About Amryl Malek

A photographer on a journey to find his vision
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