Mt Vernon, Port Hills, Christchurch

Went up Port Hills again this morning but today I went alone to Mt. Vernon. I initially planned to go to Mt. Pleasant, but I started off a bit late, so I have to re-plan and find a different site. It was all too last minute, and I hate last minute things. Everything seems to go really bad when you you have to resort to last minute changes.

My first stop was near the telecom tower of Sugarloaf Reserve. There’s a small parking area, which I park my car. Took a few shots of Lyttleton harbour.

Lyttleton Harbour, you can see Quail Island. And an approaching clouds as a standard bearer of a gale wind!

And walk across the road to take a picture of Christchurch in the early morning.

Christchurch in the morning, further ahead, I think you can see Kaiapoi.

After taking a few shots, I went further by car to Rapaki Rock.

Rapaki Rock, it's an uphill climb of about 200m and from the base to the top is roughly 15m.

You can see the trail towards Rapaki Rock, I followed that trail until the base of the rock and find a position facing the Harbour. After securing a position and taken a few photos, the weather started to turn ugly. Remember the cloud formation I took earlier?, that was the front for a gale wind striking Christchurch. The speed might be more than 50km/h. Doesn’t sound so bad, but once you’re on top of the rocks, you’re pretty open. Even the tripod was shaking! I have to slowly find my way back down the rock to the safety of my car. This was one of the last shot I took before the wind strike.

A crescent over the rock.

It wasn’t the best of my outings. But I got to salvage some pictures from it. I plan to go there again soon.


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3 Responses to Mt Vernon, Port Hills, Christchurch

  1. sartenada says:


    Awesome photos. The first one very special, it is nearly very mystic. I love it very much.

    There was one word in You text in which I am interested. That is “rapaki”. Because it has strong resemblance to Finnish word “rapakivi”. Also English word “rapakivi” means the same in Finnish. So, do You have any idea about what means that Maori word because I guess it can be in Maori, “rapaki”?

    Thank You showing these photos, they delighted my mind very much.

  2. Amryl Malek says:

    Hmm, I’m not sure what Rapaki means. I tried to search for a meaning of it, but to no such avail. Sorry.

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