Outing to Godley’s Park, Christchurch

Today was a good day. I again went to Godley’s Park, Port Hills but today with another friend of mine, Madi. We started our journey at around 4.32am. We used Evan’s Pass to reach Summit Road and from there to Godley’s Park.


Evan's Pass taken on Jan 8,2011


We arrived at Godley’s Park car park at around 5.15 am. From there we climbed around 300-400 meter towards one of the Port Hills peak.


The height of the hill is roughly 400 m from sea level


Below is the view from the hill at 5.30 am


There were heavy clouds, everything was on the blue side


There is a old WWII lookout point on the hill facing Lyttleton  Harbor.

After spending around 45 mins on top of the hill we went down to Godley’s Head.


A part of Godley's Head

Spent around an hour there. And took a lot of pics. Here are a few that I like.


My photog friend, Madi

Danger! Very high cliff beyond this point!

That didn't deter us to take some shots!

Flying with the birds!!

Flying high!

The endless Pacific Ocean





About Amryl Malek

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2 Responses to Outing to Godley’s Park, Christchurch

  1. sartenada says:

    Wow, awesome photos. I like from all of them, but most impressive to were Godleypark16 and Godleypark9.

    Happy blogging.

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