Happy New Year!

It’s less than 1 hour now before 12.00 AM here in Christchurch, New Zealand. The weather is a bit cloudy, though I do not think it would deter the party goers to reach Cathedral  Square for the countdown. Myself, I’m going to bed early, since I want to wake up early and reach Kennedy’s Bush, Port Hills by 5 AM tomorrow. I will try to climb one of the hills and catch the first glimpse of sun from across the horizon.

As normal, most people will have a list of resolutions to stick to. For myself, please read this blog post. Though I still stand by my beliefs, I do however have certain plans for this blog of mine and my plans on how to approach my photography, which I will detail out and post by this week.

So until, next year. Cheers!


p.s: btw, if you get drunk this new year’s eve, do everyone a favor by vomiting in the toilet bowl, rather than by the side walk!


About Amryl Malek

A photographer on a journey to find his vision
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