What is … Aperture?

When I first started photography, waay back…3 years ago or so… I always got confuse with aperture and f-number. Why is it that the bigger the number the smaller the aperture?

Basically, an aperture is an opening in the lens body that allows light to enter through from one end to the other end. It controls and limit the amount of light that can squeeze through.

While the f-number is basically the lens’s focal length over the aperture diameter of opening. As an example, I think the calculation goes like this, a  fixed lens with the focal length of 50mm and a maximum f-number of 2 (f/2) would be able to open the aperture as widely as




Aperture opening effects, among other, the depth of field of a particular scene. The wider the aperture opening (or the smaller the f-number), the wider the depth of field is.

p/s: somebody corrects me if I’m wrong


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