What is… D-SLR?


As I journey to improve my knowledge and skills in photography, I will write both theoretical and practical knowledge that I have learn, here in 2 categories :

1. What is…

This category is all the basic theoretical knowledge about camera and photography. Here I will try to explain in brief and in detail about the terms and jargons, and technical details of photography that I come to find, the 2nd category is

2. How to…

This category is all about the practical knowledge and the application of such knowledge in photography

In both categories, I will try to add any resources that are relevant to the topic at hand.

So, back to “What is D-SLR?”

The basic answer is it is a digital form of single lens reflex camera which have a mirror within the camera body that reflects the image that comes through the lens to a pentaprism/penta-mirror and finally through the viewfinder. There is also the term SLR, which usually refers to SLR camera that takes film.

A feature of D-SLR/SLR is that it can change lenses from ultra wide angle to tele-photo and anything in between. This ability to change lenses means that DSLR is a very adaptable ‘system’. You can slowly add to your system as and when you are capable.

Brands such as Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Sony / Minolta, Mamiya produces D-SLR. While in my case, I use a Nikon D40.


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