Understanding Where I Am and Where I Want To Be

One of my first picture I took early this year when I consciously want to improve, ironically it was a lucky shot

There’s a purpose to this blog. This is not a blog about my random thoughts, it is not a blog about other peoples random thoughts. This is a blog about the journey I’m taking to find my photographic vision.  In it I will put the knowledge that I found, I will describe the skills that I acquired, the ideas that I conjured as I go along this journey.

Why am I doing all this? Well, I want to be a better photographer than I am right now. I want my photos to inspire someone, I want my photos to change the perspective of others. But most importantly, and I think the only good reason, is that I want my photos to really represent my ideals.

As it stands, I believe that I am an average photographer. About 1 out of 100 photos that I took, is properly expose according to what I want it to be, and properly compose to show what I want to show. As I ponder about my current skills, I realised my limitations as a photographer.

1. I have yet to master my tools and hardware. I can say that I roughly understand around 60% of my camera functions. And I barely understand the attributes and attitudes of my lenses.

2.  I am a novice in composition, exposure, lightings, colours and all related knowledge and skills. My understanding of what makes a great picture, do not even scratch the surface of that knowledge.

3. Currently, my creativity to express my idea is limited, it is too predictable, too formulaic. I imitate too much from photos of other photographer.

4. Finally but most important is that my vision is too common, too adolescent, too immature, too incoherent. Somehow, I am not able to express my thoughts and feelings into a more coherent and mature vision.

But the good thing is that, by knowing where I am now, I will be able to chart my course. I might not be able to see where I will end, but by God, I will reach it.


About Amryl Malek

A photographer on a journey to find his vision
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